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    The Rules! Empty The Rules!

    Post by Admin on Sat Jun 21, 2014 5:53 am

    Getting started.

    1. Discover Amelia and weep with joy because it's awesome.
    2. Complete the Walk Through each time you create a new account/character.
    3. Maybe say hi in other people's Character Trackers (located in the similarly named forum).
    4. Congrats! You have gotten started! ;)

    Posting & Etiquette.

    1. No god-modding. You control your character, and only your character. The only RP god here is Admin.
    2. We don't require a specific word count, and only ask that you are literate in your posts.
    3. Please stick [LOCK] or something similar in the title of an RP that is finished. The Admin will close these periodically.
    4. If an RP is open for anyone to participate in, please stick [OPEN] in the title of an RP. You can remove it once you have a RP partner, if you wish.
    5. If you have a specific partner in mind for an RP stick their name in the title. This will alert anyone else that they should not post in that thread.
    6. You may combine character posts if you own two characters in a single RP. However, please make sure that it is easily determined which character is thinking/feeling/speaking during the post.
    7. The forum is loosely moderated, but be tactful. We are all adults here and as such should be acting accordingly. Mature topics will be covered, so read and take-part at your own discretion.


    1. Put pictures of your characters in your signature, and pictures of your daemon as your avatar. You may edit them/add text if you wish.
    2. Do not make your avatar larger than 160x120. Go to if you need help with this.
    3. Do not make your signature larger than 500 pixels tall. Don't stretch the page.


    1. If your character joined as unsettled, but is going to settle, please contact the Admin and she will assign you a settled form.
    2. If you're going to be gone for an extended period of time, as a nicety please either notify your rp partners via message, or stick a post in your character tracker.

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