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    growing up is hard to do :: bollo Empty growing up is hard to do :: bollo

    Post by Ditto on Fri Jun 30, 2017 11:17 am

    Bollo hated kids. He especially hated whiny bratty unsettled kids who wouldn't stop begging for water. The kids that were filed into lines in front of him had once been exactly that type of child, every single one of them. Now, instead, they were near lifeless. He liked this kind infinitely better.

    The boss (whom Bollo had never met) had instructed the soldiers of this operation to get the sedated kids in rows and then pick out the younger ones. He and the others had walked through the kids and grabbed whoever seemed young and weak. What they found was that there weren't that many young kids left. A lot of the younger kids had dropped dead weeks ago. The young ones that had survived were now tossed to the ground and murdered instantly. Bollo wasn't sure why, but he wasn't about to ask.

    After that was the fun part. Torture.

    Bollo was one of six guards that had been posted here, to keep the children corralled. And now each of the guards had a new command--to take their share of the remaining children and do whatever they wanted to them. But before that, and this was the most important part, they had to instruct each child to choose Deilig when they settled. Bollo wasn't sure what that would do exactly, but he had learned early on that you didn't ask questions around here.

    Bollo took his share of the children, which by his estimate was about thirty or so kids. He shuffled them along and they walked, obeying his command to the T despite moving slower than he would have liked. Bollo could already hear children screaming from other spots in the forest. His comrades had obviously made quicker work.

    "Stop!" he commanded when he decided they'd gone far enough. The children stopped. A few fell over. Bollo rolled his eyes.

    "Hi there, kiddos," he called to them. "I bet you're all wondering why I brought you here today." A smile grew across his face as he spoke. After being a soldier for so long, taking commands and being forced to do dirty work for years, it felt so good to be in control.

    Bollo strolled around his group slowly. He didn't care if the other soldiers were already torturing. He planned on enjoying this. Every step he took made him feel more alive. The only thing that would make this better would be if this kids weren't so comatose that they could be shaking in fear. Alas, that would have to come in a few minutes when he let his electricity start ripping through their bodies. A shiver raced through him and his smile grew.

    "When you settle, you must choose Deilig." Well, that was the rule, right? No torture until you told them they had to settle as Deilig. "When you settle, you must choose Deilig." Bollo thought it best he say it a few times, to get the job done right.

    "When you settle, you must choose Deilig." His voice was firm, loud, demanding.

    "What the fuck did I just say?" he bellowed.

    "When we settle we must choose Deilig," thirty raspy and sunken voices repeated.

    "When you settle, you must choose Deilig."

    "When we settle we must choose Deilig."

    "Deilig," he commanded for a final time.

    "Deilig, Deilig, Deilig, Deilig, Deilig, Deilig, Deilig, Deilig..."

    Bollo listened as the word Deilig was repeated over and over among the children. They whispered it in a hollow voice. It sounded unlike anything Bollo had ever heard--haunting. Another shiver ran down his spine.

    Bollo stopped his circling and grabbed a child. To his surprise, he recognized this kid. He grinned, all this teeth showing. The child stared at him with blank eyes.

    "Mr. Hero, it seems you've come back to play."

    The boy's face remained impassive.

    If it had been any other kid, Bollo probably would have taken his time with it, but something about this little mongrel made him unreasonably angry. Perhaps it was the fact that he wouldn't get any fight out of him without a little shock of life.

    Bollo's mouth twitched. Immediately he set a volt of electricity into him. Immediately the boy screamed.

    At first Bollo couldn't describe what he felt as the boy went limp. But as he continued shocking him a word came to mind. Euphoria. Each time a shock of electricity left his body to enter the boy's, a rush of adrenaline replaced it. Screams filled the air as the boy cried out, crying from the ground. The boy shook with fear and nausea.

    He wasn't supposed to kill these kids, so Bollo knew he had to stop. Right before he sent the last volt he said quietly but firmly, "Deilig."

    The boy's body convulsed, and then Bollo watched his daemon glow, its light black as night, before settling into a new form. Some sort of deer or something.

    Bollo's eyes grew. He'd tortured this boy into settling. He'd never felt so infinitely powerful.

    He left the boy on the ground and immediately started working on the next child.

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